Sunday, September 23, 2007

Face Recognition for the lazy bastards

I bought a Sony camera a few weeks ago; one of the main reasons I chose Sony was because the camera had "face recognition" which allows the camera to recognize the people's faces in the frame and ensure that they are in focus. I thought this was a very handy feature in addition to "image stabilization", and the conventional "automatic flash" would allow my parents (whom I was buying the camera for) to take perfect photos under any circumstances, all they have to do is say "say cheese". But apparently not anymore, I just came across this article in the Economist:

Now face-recognition technology is getting even smarter. Next week, Sony is due to launch a digital camera that can be set so it won’t release the shutter until people in the picture are smiling. The software analyses the scene for facial expressions associated with happiness—including the upturn of the corners of the mouth, the separation of the lips, and the wrinkle of the eyes. You can designate which of up to eight people in the viewfinder to focus on, and select three different facial expressions: smile, grin or laugh.

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