Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The telecom (re)branding lifecycle - Part III

This is part III of the article, please read Part I and PartII before:

Ad Agency: We need to prioritize the deliverables as they are unachievable by your launch date.
Some priorities are given but eventually the priority changes on a daily bases and many items are added to the list on a daily basis as the marcoms team find random stuff that need branding (from sugar sachets to the vouchers in the queuing machine)
Ad Agency: Here is the launch campaign we propose.
CEO: I do not like this campaign; I need something more grandiose that makes people cry and gives goose bumps.
Ad Agency: We need to talk to the customer on their level, we need to be their friends – our communication should not be very grand and give off the feeling that we are talking to them from our ivory tower, hence implying that we are unapproachable.
CEO: We have investors paying millions of dollars and they do not want friends, they want to see their accomplishments, you can do those friendly campaigns when launching products and services.
Ad agency: We do not recommend going with the selling line proposed by the CI agency as it does not make sense, and they are not the experts in this domain – here are a few proposals.
Marcoms (to agency): We need more options.
Marketing (to marcoms): We still need more options.
CEO (to everyone): I still need even more options, I want everyone to contribute to this process and involve all the staff.
After the final list and options are received no one likes any of the selling lines, and they decide to compromise by going with the one that they least hate.
Marketing: Let us have a big promotion for the launch, maybe buy a line and get XXX free credit in order to give the customer some benefit.
Ad Agency: NO! we cannot launch a new brand with a promotion it would cheapen the brand, and make the brand name seem week, we do not want to directly associate it with price reduction. If we are to launch with anything it should be a strong value proposition that is applied across the entire operation of the services.
A major debate across all the operations is held, and the CEO finally takes a decision on the launch promotion.
Marketing: We need to develop the campaigns for the products and services in line with the launch campaign.
Ad Agency: Here are the product and services ads.
Marketing: But these do not follow the same theme as the brand launch campaign.
Ad Agency: They cannot follow the same concept in the brand campaign in all ads especially since the campaign was too grandiose.
Marketing / Marcom: Then we need to develop a value proposition for our brand.
After many exercises to develop a value proposition going back and forth, they settle on a generic value proposition that has a very wide umbrella to fit all communications, along the lines of “better services” or “better prices” or “get more” or “live our brand”

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mojaswi said...

really enjoyed reading your post. seems like all clients are dumb, as a rule worldwide. 'telecom experience' - really hits the nail bro