Sunday, September 9, 2007

The telecom (re)branding lifecycle - Part I

Here is a short script of a (stereo)typical telecom (re)branding lifecycle.

CEO: We need a strong human, emotional, and aspirational brand similar to Orange
Consultant: You need to build a monolithic brand to avoid having many sub brands which will be expensive to maintain and difficult to communicate with the blurring of boundaries that will result from convergence in the near future.
Marcom: But we have a lot of brand equity for our existing brand and sub-brands. Our prepaid name is very common in the market and people love it.
CEO: We will spend a lot of money on our launch campaign and will build strong equity very quickly.
Marketing: We cannot spend this much money on brand communications we have targets to achieve and we need to sell a lot of products. We should focus our budget on product communications and promotions, otherwise our competition will launch many offers and our customers will churn. Customers don’t care about the brand they are price sensitive and will go with the cheapest rates.
Consultants: We need to think long term, cutting prices in the short term would only get us un-loyal customers that will churn the next day, we need to have a long term vision and build a brand that would captures the heart and not only the pocket of customers.
CEO: I totally agree, change is the only constant, and now is the right time to do this. This decision is final.
Marketing: Yes Sir.
Marcoms: Yes Sir.
Consultants (internally): We do not have any experience in advertising, we need to recruit a few branding specialists from other local telco’s / ad agencies.
Marcoms (to advertising agency): We have a very large project, this is a test for you as an agency, if you do not do a good job we need to re-pitch. We need to build a very strong brand that stands out amongst all teclos in the regions (this is the brief).
The agency presents many logos that are not liked by the operator without any explanation
CEO: I do not like this agency, they do not have any telecom experience, “I can develop a better logo myself”
Marketing: I never liked this agency, it is there fault we are not meeting our targets, if it wasn’t for them we could have doubled our revenues this year
Marcoms (to Agency): Your contract is on the line here, you have made me look bad in front of management, your work is un acceptable
Ad Agency: It is not the job of an ad agency to develop a logo, you need to go to a corporate identity agency
Consultants (internally): This is true, we should have known this. Who did the corporate identity of the big telcos we need to recommend this.
Consultants (to telco): We recommend you give this job to a specialized CI agency. There are several good ones in London that have developed the biggest brand like BT, O2, Vodafone etc.
CEO: This is worth spending money on, we need to hire a CI agency from London, I want the best brand for this company.
CI Agency: We have developed one option only and think this is very good. It is the best logo we have made and it fits very well with the Middle East market, even though it does not include Arabic. Here is a 30 page rationale.
CEO: I love it, these people really know what they are talking about
Marketing: We love it!
Marcom: We love it!
Ad Agency: We HATE it!

… continued here.


J... said...

good one... my typical everyday story :)

fk said...

wait for the sequels, it gets closer to the agency experience

Anonymous said...

nice.. it is soo close to reality!:)

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nice article and thanks for sharing it with us