Monday, December 10, 2007

The computer is not personal again HP!!!

Let us all be professional and use PowerPoint to make all our presentations. We also need to use guidelines and ensure consistency in font size and location across all slides. Let us also have a department dedicated to designing the PowerPoint presentations so they all look consistent.
I would beg to differ. Consistent = Monotonous.
Here is a thought, why do sports coaches use pen and white board as opposed to PDAs?
When was the last time you saw a presentation on a flip chart or received a hand written letter?
I live in Dubai where people complain because everything is “perfect” and “neat” therefore impersonal. People miss the traditional old streets and buildings that are withering away.
Think of the spontaneity and passion in drawing a line on a flaw chart with the screeching sound of the pen as opposed to the click of a mouse and the appearance of that perfect line on a digital projector.
Just to clarify I’m considered a modern day geek, I love computers, the internet, and web 2.0 – but some things have a diluted effect when trying to make a point.

The way I see it is that you can either read a book to someone or tell a story, and the moment you click that mouse its like you are picking up a book – and no matter if you memorized the story, once you hold the book you are bound to read from it as opposed to tell it like a story.

Passion is what sells in a presentation, and when you are presenting you should be the presentation not the virtual image made on the white canvas by the projector. Whereas this analogy may seems a bit far fetched, but imagine a Yoga instructor showing slides on how to do Yoga as opposed to performing it! The most motivating person referred to in corporations is a football or basketball coach and I think us “suits” should learn more from them. Computers are good but not all the time, we need to show more spontaneity, improvise more and put more action into our presentations. After all there is a reason why paintings are more expensive than photos, and drawings are worth more than Photoshop generated designs. Another great example is black boards used by teachers, imagine class being taught over a PowerPoint (which is done in some cases).

My advice would be: when you have a meeting, think of how your performance can differentiate your presence in the room from an email, phone call, or even video conference.


seo in mumbai said...

That's interesting and cool ha...

Haiden said...

Thank you for your tutor. I have some tips for PowerPoint users. Very important is the structure of the presentation, but due to the fact that I have gone with such a structure, for me it is not a new one. I advise you guys to use business templates, which can really help you.