Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It is transmedia planning, Interactive communication, and tastes like chicken

As the mundane marketers go for multi-million dollar campaigns that boosts their ego, and emphasizes the ivory tower stature – other brands have come down to the consumer level, they talked to them, met with them, added them to face book, and got their comments to tailor their strategy for a fraction of the cost – or in other words they did the cluck!
Leo Burnett has developed the ultimate campaign 2.0 for Nando’s Kuwait.
The campaign is about the life journey of Fred the Chicken, an outcast HipHop mascot who has worked all his life to get into Nando’s and finally got rejected for not living up to their chicken quality standards. Fred later started an organization against chicken discrimination known as Chicken Power.
You can view the work on
Fred’s blog where he posted his life journey, riots in malls against chicken discrimination, his fight with Nando’s chicken Fernando Amore, tours of his crib, his music video, and finally a video were he barges into Nando’s and demands to be eaten.
Fred also has his group on Facebook, Videos on YouTube, and a music video on Melody Hits all of which are getting an exponential number of hits and many comments from Kuwaiti customers some of which are in love with him. Fred is very close to his fans, he responds to their comments, acts in accordance with their requests, and occasionally gives them flowers.
I truly hope that this approach gets adopted by other regional companies / operations and contributes to the rise of true interactive marketing, only with no comment-moderation this time.


Moey said...

well, I have to say that Its been great for me to have the opportunity and work on Fred's site :)

Anonymous said...

thank you, something on this blog that finally makes sense!

Anonymous said...

good one nic

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