Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "Stand out" theory

Have you ever thought that you are right and everyone else is wrong? The truth is… You are right; but so is everyone else. We are generally prohibited from doing what we think is right due to our fear of risk or dis-consensus which results in pointing the fingers of blame. There is never one right way of doing things, typically each way has its draw backs but generally when you know you are right you put significant effort in whatever you are doing, you end up with a better result.
We have developed committees to avoid going with one person’s whim, however committees tend to dilute passion and ownership in addition to general risk taking which forces us to concede to lesser things for the sake of consensus – resulting in a shallow low risk alternative to our potential.
Believe in yourself and force your belief upon organizations that try to dilute your thoughts, do not opt for the mainstream alternatives to get acceptance, but seek eccentric ideas to stand out.
My underlying premise is that everyone is insecure at a certain level, and when they tell you no – they are as insecure as when you tell them yes to try and push your idea through.
The above is not meant to discard feedback, but to use it as a catalyst for improvement and not destruction. In my case and I believe with many others, feedback has resulted in the death or dilution of most great ideas, only to see them implemented by others with more self confidence and drive.
The world has many means to control risk and push for main-stream ideology, allowing only those with self-confidence, charisma (convincing skills), and drive to push their findings through; making them main stream for all of us to let go of our beliefs and follow.
Abstinence is always easier than confrontation, which I would say is our world’s way of separating the stars from the sheep. The sooner you paint yourself black, the faster you climb up the ladder and lead the herd.
Democracy is a deterrent to excellence, because the only thing that everyone agrees on, is the safe option that will keep us the way we are. Even though I sound as if I am endorsing the “Who moved my cheese” theory, I believe in the power of individuality and the strong positive effects of the following theories, one: trial and error, two: if it’s good it they will adopt it, and three: if you believe in it you will make it work.
We are in the world of customization and mash-ups, anything that works even if partially, will be used in part or whole to create a better bigger picture resulting in mental if not physical evolution.

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