Monday, October 20, 2008

Let's all feel bad all the time

Why do we all love to feel bad?

Let's see, I know this girl who recently broke up with her husband one day before their wedding night, poor gal that is so bad I feel sorry for her. What an interesting conversation to have over coffee... but please tell me why should I give a shit, I hardly know the girl who told me this story about her friend which I don't even know. My point being, we constantly seek things that my make us feel bad. Why do we always talk about these things, and in our free time see how bad Jack Bauer had it when his daughter was kidnapped and he was trapped in a hostage situation attempting to save the president? At other times we desperately seek to find out more information about the distressed citizens of Georgia.

Why do we care, why do we always want to see, hear, and learn more about things that make us depressed? Some say that we want to make everyone happy, that is why we want to help tsunami victims and contribute to charity, so with the aim of ensuring happiness we fill our time with discussing and trying to resolve all issues that make us feel bad.

Lets follow another route of thinking, we look at the sad things to appreciate our situation and happiness i.e. seeing the traumatized participants on Jerry Springer makes us see how good our family is.

The truth is however, that in the pursuit of happiness we have managed to virally disperse the negativity, turning each negative scenario into a community, country, or global epidemic.

Drop your Celine Dion music collection and watch some sitcoms, focus on things that put a smile on your face.


Nic said...

shauden freude?

seo in mumbai said...

nice post ha.... but its not true that we should feel sad all the time