Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Digital Strategy

I haven't posted anything for ages. I guess I have lost my motivation for advertising to a certain degree.
I have moved my career into digital, my friends say I work "in the internet", but once you combine that with advertising it tends to get somewhat boring.
I have tried to attend so many seminars and workshop about the topic and the outcome of each is "the industry is still premature" or "a lot of things will change", "we are not sure what will happen", "we are still experimenting"; I was fed up with all of this and decided to attend an executive education course at Harvard called Taking marketing Digital, which only proved the same thing - yet with bigger players admitting the same including the likes of FaceBook, Twitter, and Second Life.
The only place i felt I learnt something was at "The Battle of Big Thinking" in London, where the key take out from all the big agencies was: There is no such thing as social media, there is only being social; and that digital is built into products, it is not an advertising layer added after the product is developed.
Moving this further I have come to believe that digital needs to be functional as opposed to advertising which tends to take the emotional route.
What I also like about this is that digital is something to discuss with the product teams and R&D as opposed to the marcomms team which to a certain extent has very little leverage on the product.
I'm currently working on my next big presentation about digital strategy, focusing on how digital needs to be functional and built into products following the product attributes and not the "brand essence" or "campaign idea".
I would like your comments on this please...
I promise to have my next presentation up by end of February.